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shittyassbassdemo shittyassbassdemo

Rated 2 / 5 stars


the first 10 seconds where good very smooth and funky, the way bss should be, but after that it just got messed up and shitty, it was all over the place with random stops and miss picks, in the last 5 seconds it started to get alright again though, maybe try rewritting it and practiseing it a bit more before playing and it chould sound smooth as fuck


KingofKool responds:

yeah it's crap i just randomly played

|2009| Is It Alright |2009| Is It Alright

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Snoop ?

nice beat, very chilled
true lyrics went well with the beat and the talk box effect was sick
i havent listened to any of your other stuff so i dont know if your voice is always like this but you sounded almost exactly like snoop dog, i was trippen out lol
looking forward to how u go in the rap comp

Chista responds:

Ahaha, alot of my friends say I sound like snoop. But yeah, I'm excited for the comp! It'll be gooood. Thanks for the review